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This is a complete bolt on kit that will fit m54 bmw engines. Kit is supplied with standard m50/42/44 cable attachment that will fit both LH and RH drive vehicles. Drive by wire throttle operation is not supported.

All our testing has shown this kit to produce peak gains of up to 20rwHp over the standard intake on an unmodified engine. This is not just gains to the top end but little to no losses to the lower and mid range. When combined with other engine modifications these gains can be expected to increase a lot further.

This kit is supplied with 45mm TB size with matching manifold and our testing has shown this is capable of producing maximum power for all engines from standard 2.5L right up to highly modified racing engines.

This kit comes with all the fittings and parts required to install a complete idle control valve circuit

Includes our carbon fiber finish airbox plenum. We have seen dyno results showing small power gains with the box fitted but most importantly this will allow cold air from the headlight area to enter the intake which will bring real world power gains on the road or track. Also allowing for the easy fitment of air filtration.

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