Bmw M20 Roller Cam Conversion kit

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No more worn cam lobes or broken rockers. This kit is proven to be extremely durable and reliable for sustained high RPM. Roller cams offer superior valve opening speeds and allow a more aggressive profile with higher lift that will increase power output potential while maintaining good low end drivability and idle quality. Needle bearings and rolling contact lowers the friction loss in your engine and reduces the load on your cam belt. There is simply nothing better!

Every item in this kit is made from the highest quality materials and products available. Cams are made in Sweden from high grade case hardened tool steel and ground on one of the most hi-tech cam grinding machines available, one of very few in existence that can produce the unique inverse lobe design needed to make this conversion work so successfully. Valve springs are high quality German Eibach and supplied with case hardened base locators and super lightweight titanium retainers. Rockers are precision machined to incredibly tight tolerances from high tensile 7 series aircraft aluminum and fitted with genuine Porsche valve lash adjusters and Swedish SKF needle bearings. Serviceable pins and rollers are made from crome-based bearing steel then case hardened and center-less ground to a mirror finish.

Kit includes
12 x Roller rockers with needle bearing rollers and genuine Porsche swivel foot adjusters
12 x Genuine Eibach high performance valve springs
12 x Titanium retainers
12 x Hi tensile valve spring base locators
1 x 1020 grade case hardened tool steel camshaft

We currently have two camshaft profiles available. Lobe centers can be adjusted by special order at no extra cost.

306 race cam specs:
306 degrees total duration @ 004"
257 duration @ 050 "
106 lobe separation
0.505" net lift

292 race/rally fast road cam specs:
292 degrees total duration @ 004"
245 degrees duration @ 050"
110 lobe separation
0.50" net lift

Note: Cams are usually made to order so any lobe separation can be specified to best suit your application.

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