BMW M20 ITB Kit e30 Cf Plenum

Price 1850 USD (exl. VAT) + shipping cost 

This is a complete bolt on kit that will fit ALL m20 bmw engines. Kit is supplied with standard m42-e30/e36 cable attachment (require the use of m42-318 or any e36 throttle cable and also e36 TPS sensor)

Angled manifold to clear standard e30 brake booster.

All our testing has shown this kit to produce peak gains of up to 30rwHp over the standard intake. This is not just gains to the top end but gains made throughout the whole rpm range.

Through popular request this kit is now available in 2 sizes there is 40mm TB size with matching 40mm manifold and we now have our CNC ported manifolds to match our standard 42mm TBs. 42mm size only recommended for modified larger displacement and/or racing engines.

This kit now comes complete with all the fittings and parts required to install a full idle control circuit

Now available with air-box/ plenum! We have seen dyno results showing small power gains with the box fitted but most importantly this will allow the option of ducting cold air into the engine which will bring nice power gains on the road or track while also allowing for the fitment of some good quality air filtration without compromising any performance.

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