BMW Light Flywheel M50/52/54 M40/42/43/44

Price 295 USD (exl. VAT) + shipping cost

Made as direct fitment to m40, m42, m43, M44, M50, M52, M54-5sp (will not fit m54 6 speed)

Use original m5x/m4x starter motor

Made from High tensile Chrome-molly steel these flywheels are both light and very strong. Guaranteed for life!

Weighing only 3.2Kg (7Lb) they will greatly increase the response and acceleration of any vehicle

WARNING! Clutch fitment is standard 228mm from BMW m20 Engine

All m20 engines have the same clutch fitment. However there may be different part numbers for different models. They will ALL fit this flywheel. It is recommended to check the slave cylinder piston travel and make sure it sits at about 60-70% compressed when installed. In some cases a slightly longer push rod is needed, this can be made from a piece of 8mm steel shafting or the shank of a bolt

Many heavy duty aftermarket clutches with improved clamping force are available if your application requires increased torque capacity such as racing or turbo engines etc.

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