BMW Light Flywheel M20

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BMW Lightweight Chrome-Molly Flywheel

Made as direct fitment to M20 engines,

Made from High tensile Chrome-molly steel these flywheels are both light and very strong. Guaranteed for life!

Weighing only 3.2Kg (7Lb) they will greatly increase the response and acceleration of any vehicle

Clutch fitment is standard 228mm from any BMW m20 Engine

All m20 engines have the same clutch fitment. However there may be different part numbers for different models. They will ALL fit this flywheel. It is recommended to check the slave cylinder piston travel and make sure it sits at about 60-70% compressed when installed.

Many heavy duty aftermarket clutches with improved clamping force are available if your application requires increased torque capacity such as racing or turbo engines etc.

Myth Buster!!........

It is a common perception that a large flywheel is used to increase the torque of and engine and with a light flywheel an engine will have less torque but this is NOT the case! Heavy flywheels are used only to ease the smooth engagement of the clutch so Grandma can take off without stalling the engine and thats it! maybe improve idle quality a little also. Once the car is rolling and the clutch is fully engaged the flywheel becomes completely unnecessary because the entire vehicle and its driveline becomes the flywheel storing huge amounts of momentum. Any additional weight particularly on the crank shaft because this spins at higher speeds only reduces the vehicles capability to accelerate briskly. So if Grandma isnt going to drive your car and you don't mind having to use a little more finesse with the clutch pedal to take off from the lights then you will enjoy all the benefits of having a snappy responsive engine with much improved acceleration that comes with installing a light flywheel, even if its only a daily driven road car! We have many happy customers driving around on these flywheels just find and ask someone and they will be happy to report that drivability is not compromised at all, but the improved response and acceleration is very pronounced!

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