4cyl Basic ITB Set

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For those who are able to fabricate linkage and supporting components this is a good baseline set that has all the critical parts needed for a successful ITB system.

Included is a Master Lever with idle adjustment, secondary return spring, wide open stop and 2 x M5 threaded holes for drop link attachment. It also features a direct throttle cable attachment wheel.

Note the cable attachment supplied with this set will not suit every vehicle and only provides linear throttle opening movement. It requires 50mm of throttle cable travel.

Top mount Universal Linkage Mechanism (not included with this set) will still attach directly to this master lever. The universal mechanism is configurable in many variations to suit many different vehicles. It will enable progressive opening movement to enhance light throttle control and enables adjustment for a wide range of cable travel from 30mm to 70mm

Bodies and linkage parts precision CNC machined from 6061 billet Aluminum

Center-less ground 12L14 steel shafts zinc plated for corrosion resistance

High precision 8 Degree brass throttle plates

Sealed ball bearing shaft fitment for smooth reliable operation.

Standard DCOE /DHLA bolt pattern front and rear.

24mm thickness, 90mm throat centers

O rings both sides for instant manifold seal no gaskets required

Included with this kit:
2 x twin throat throttle bodies
1 x Cable Attachment Master Lever
1 x Balance coupling
8 x O rings
1 x TPS and fitting adapter

Please read our ITB SIZE SELECTION article to help you choose the correct ITB for your application

Available ITB sizes 40mm, 42mm, 45mm and 48mm PLEASE SELECT SIZE BELOW

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